Why Squarespace?

The question I am always asked. Why Squarespace? Why not, Wordpress, WIX or Rocketspark?

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform and it is perfect for creatives or business that focuses on services rather than products*.

  1. Squarespace templates are clean, sophisticated and follow best practice web design.

  2. Responsiveness! Squarespace detects the visitor's screen size and orientation and then will change the layout accordingly. Your site will look great from desktop to mobile.

  3. Updates, plugins and security - this is all included. No need to manage 8 different plugins just to keep your site up to date.

  4. No need to purchase hosting! Squarespace will host for you.

  5. Website management. After I’m done creating the site and its been handover to you, editing is made easy. Squarespace uses a drag and drop interface thats intuitive and isn’t daunting. Even for someone who isn’t tech savvy.

  6. Portfolio? Services? Blogs? Squarespace! With a large range of templates, it accommodates the 1 pagers to 70+

  7. Integrations are seamless. Appointment booking, social media accounts, calendars, videos and galleries. The website can grow with you!

  8. Customer support - 24/7. Step-by-step tutorials and documents makes it easy to manage after site handover. (I will always been an email or call away though but if its 3am, they’re there for you)

  9. Your vision will become a reality. With the inbuilt style editor and the ability to put in custom codes your site wont look like a template. It will be your space.

  10. Because!

If you’re looking for a website that is mainly for selling all your wonderful products then Shopify is the one for you. An awesome blog coming soon about Shopify.