Want to up your SEO game?

Google - this search engine giant will never give away the exact algorithm it uses to rank sites. However, there’s a few known and not so known ways to improve your ranking is SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).


Content is not only great for Google crawlers but it’s also vital (if done well) for engaging visitors. A visitor staying on your website and perusing for a while tells Google it's relevant. Not only did it show up in the results pages but the visitor stayed on the website for a while.

Some ways to incorporate content are:

  • Blogs

  • Social Media

  • Whitepapers

  • Infographics

  • Videos and images

  • How or what blogs/articles

As long as content is relevant to your business and uses phrases that a searcher may use. Fresh content is also important. Not only new content but updating old posts, images or adding stats will make your website more 'fresh'. Content can take a lot of time and resources but it is worth it in the end. First up, I recommend a few blog posts then sharing these on connected social media accounts.


Comprehensive On-page SEO can be incorporated into any website design. It includes title tags, meta descriptions, sub headings (H1, H2 + H3), internal links, image names and alt tags. Creating internal links and a site map to improve ‘crawlability’.

Focusing on one or two keywords for different blog posts also helps. Tackling too many key words in one piece of content can have a negative impact on your rankings. It also can also be a drainer to read if it is a keyword overload.

Responsive - this is one of the most important. A website that looks great and is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile. It can heavily impact the end user experience.


Ahhh this is a little harder as there is no direct control. However, you can improve your chances of moving up SERP’s.

Links are one of the most popular ways to increase off-page SEO. Build meaningful relationships with reputable businesses or influences. If they create quality content align with your brand and have a loyal following, they are perfect. DO NOT SPAM sites with links - this is an easy way for you site to get banned from search engines.

Socials are an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Lady Business Bootcamp has this covered. A strong social media presence and your website shared by trusted influences are steps in the right direction to the glorious Google page 1.

Trust, Google will decide whether you have a legit website that visitors can trust. Backlinks are great for this. So is an SSL cert (turns an http site to https - secure). Too many banner ads that pop up can look spammy, which can make visitors lack trust. Display reviews, warranties, terms of service etc.


SEO is one of the necessary foundations to new or old websites. Getting to that number one spot takes an aggressive SEO strategy. SEO isn’t an overnight fix, White Hat SEO can take roughly 4-6 months (blog coming soon on difference between White and Black Hat SEO). Having a strong and proven strategy is well worth it.