Why I Don’t Use Wordpress


Wordpress is incredibly vulnerable. It’s an Open Source platform that relies on plug-ins. These plug-ins aren’t monitored. They are created by people and companies all over the world. Given that Wordpress is so popular and that its plugins arent monitored - hackers dream. Wordpress is the perfect target and is often targetted due to its lack of site security.


Yes, Wordpress is FREE but once you add in costs of hosting, SSL, plug-ins and themes it can cause a budget blowout. My website investment and ongoing costs are provided from the start.


Wordpress updates are a pain. Your core Wordpress file, plug-ins or themes will need to be updated a few times a month. You also may have to do rollback and return your site to a previous state if the site bugs or malfunctions. Keeping a Wordpress site updated and functional can be a time consuming and costly task. Also, the more plug-ins you use, the more likely you’ll run into issues. Integrating plug-ins so they talk to each other and work harmoniously together, isn’t for the faint hearted.


With The Advisory Co. I use two platforms, Squarespace and Shopify. These two gems have such great CMS’s that it means managing a website in-house is actually possible. Wordpress can be fairly daunting for people who don’t have web design, HTML or general site knowledge. With that, Wordpress sites are often managed by the developer or designer. This is generally a monthly charge and is often double the cost of a site designer or developer who utilises an all-in-one platform.


Ahhh one of my favourite topics! SEO on Wordpress can be brilliant (I want to be fair here) BUT it can also be easy for google to flag you. If content is over tagged or marked into a lot of categories (common issue on Wordpress sites) then Google will reduce your rank. Google will note it as duplicate content, which means certain pages may not even make it to SERP.


Wordpress has some great advantages, obviously. It wouldn’t be the number one platform if it didn’t. BUT, there is always a but! The amount of clients I get migrating from Wordpress is huge. Upward of 80% existing websites are migrated over from Wordpress. This is due to the site bugging, plug-ins causing chaos or inability to manage in-house and costs blowing out.

I think Wordpress is great until those first few updates or a plug-in have malicious code or the price of said plug-ins sky rockets.

If budget isn’t an issue and you know a designer or developer who uses Wordpress, it will be fine. If you didn’t answer yes … don’t do it. Instead look at my Website Design Packages.

Rambling done.